Technology gimmicks! Came lifi, Learn what Li Fi And how does it work?

Eagerness in WI-FI technology Before the end of Another technology came in its place LI-FI , Know what Is Li-Fi Details 

How launched in the Li-Fi 

Ultra parallel visible light communication Project Began working with the University of Edinburgh (UK) Oxford, like Cambridge Some University professors, They had noticed that the LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb Lights Converts signals The data can be transferred.
They are using the visible light spectrum Be able to transfer data to the Internet end of October at 2013, 
The technology, developed countries are going to be launched very soon. China's government to implement the technology Project Plan has been reported to have, 

Fig: এডিনবার্গ ইউনিভার্সিটির পদার্থ বিজ্ঞানী প্রফেসর হারাল্ড হাস।

University of Edinburgh Prof. Harald Haas This discovery gave her the name of love LI-FI
LI-FI from the "Light Fidelity"
There's also a beautiful name, It is 'Visual Light Communication' Briefly VLC ,
Name of the Wi Fi (Wireless Fidelity) to the Word, Many of the Wireless Local Area Network Short name of the WLAN

Let's see why Li-Fi technology Forward to WiFi

  • It is cheap and easily accessible than in WI-FI. 
  • It works by using visible light signals that the physical damage is unlikely.
  • 10,000 times greater than the bandwidth of the radio frequency bandwidth 
  • Super-fast broadband Internet connection faster than 250 times. 
  • LI-Fi will be spread over a large area from the Wi-Fi  
  • Data transmission speed of 10 Gigabit / sec or 500 MB /sec 
  • WI-FI technology depending on the radio waves, LI-FI technology, light waves are dependent 
  • Greater amount of data transfer can be 
  • LI-FI, WI-FI be more secure , Looking specifically to protect data from hackers
The Li-FI works through some of the pictures show the 

 Li-FI যেভাবে কাজ করে।

LI-FI data transmission 
Li-FI works 
LI-FI vs WI-FI/WIMAX / X - Wireless Systems