Short Name Full Meaning Review

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Today we know Full Meaning Of a  Short Name, Like Ip = Internet protocol, Read The Full Meaning
Gps=Global Positioning System
Pc = Personal computer
Ip = Internet protocol
GPRS = General Packet Radio Service
SIM = Subscriber Identity Module
SMS = Short Message Service
PIN = Personal Identity Number
PUK = Personal Unblocking Key
ISD = International Subscriber Dialing
Voip = Voice over Internet Protocol
Www = World Wide Web
MAC = Media Access Control
Windows XP =Windows Experience
RAM = Random Access Memory
Usb = Universal Serial Bus
Ips = Intrusion prevention system
UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply
Dps = Damage per second
Dns = Domain Name System
Ns = Name Server
MMS = Multimedia MessagingService
Vpn = Virtual private network
EEE = Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

Fm =Frequency modulation 


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