How to Can Make A MRP Passport Form Online Without Brokers or Bribes ?

You can Make MRP passport Online without brokers or  graft, Find out how you can be a MRP passport online,

1st Step: Go to This Link MRP Passport Application Form

Frist Mark And Then Click Continue To ONLINE Enrolment
 Later will come the page to fill in correctly, And take print out

2ND Step: 
Passport forms to be printed, Your National ID card and Previous passport (If any) photocopy attested by authorized person, Take the passport office 

3RD Step: 

Passport office will be authorized to deposit in the Sonali Bank ,  

  • For  emergency Passports 6,000 Taka
  • For  Normal Passports 3000 Taka Must submit
Add glue the deposit receipt. 

4th Step: 

Went directly to the 8th floor room No. 804 (For Passport office Agargaon in Dhaka), Get verify from here, Officer signing the form A serial number would write, 

5th Step: 

Go to the third floor of a nearby office, room 310 of, You can go directly to the Deputy Commissioner of the room Get him to verify the form, 
Verification shall be forwarded to the next room and take pictures

Note: Remember, there is no line for online forms 

6th Step: 

 For taking pictures , remain the big lines, you went straight to No. 19 counters 
They are only online form of the service that, Go straight to the counters Submit your form. The officer would your photos, fingerprints and signatures will And then you will betray receipt.
It's better to take a check, Come in out of the room , The end of your form is submitted. 
Passports given date Go To Passport Office, Collect receipt showing the passport.

How Can get Advance Jsc/Ssc/Hsc Exam results 2015 & Mark Sheet Education board Website ?

Jsc Ssc Hsc Exam results prior to the publication Results can be found on the website of the Board of Education, How is it possible , Jsc Ssc Hsc Results available prior to the publication? That will show you today!

Go to the website of the Board of Education The Link

Take That saves the Homepage

Open the HTML page in Notepad or IDE of your choice

  • Press ctrl + f to find shortresult.php , 
  • After getting out of the place, replace result.php 

  • And SAVE

With the browser open it , See the detailed results and mark sheet You can find Before everyone ,

I hope the tips will be useful

Thank You , Good Buy

Check Here Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result & Mark Sheet 2015

Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result & Mark Sheet 2015 Will Be Published Next Monday 30 December of 2015, Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result & Mark Sheet 2015 (Education Board Bd Website) Will be Publish via Education Board Bd Website, You Can Get Advance Check PSC Exam Results & Mark sheet 2015 Here,

  PSC Exam Results And Mark sheet Check Below Box Form Education Board Bangladesh Website!
First Select Your Examination>District>Thana/Upazilla> Passing Year> And Enter Your Roll Number Then Click "Submit"

Click Here For Check Results

How Can Check PSC Results Via Mobile Sms?

 Primary School Certificate Results 

DPE Upazila Code RollNumber 2015

Ebtaday Exam Result

EBT Upazila Code RollNumber 2015

Upazila code can be found in the examination registration papers

Check JDC-DPE-JSC Exam Results & Marksheet 2013 Here Via (Education Board Bd Website)

Next 29 December of 2013 JDC-DPE-JSC Exam Results & Marksheet 2013 (Education Board Bd Website) Will be Publish via Education Board Bd Website, You Can Get Advance Check JDC-DPE-JSC Exam Results & Marksheet  2013 Here,

 JDC/DPE/JSC Exam Results And Marksheet Check Below Box Form Education Board Bangladesh Website!
First Select Your Examination> Year>Board And Enter Your Roll Number Then Click "Submit"

Porikkhar Folafol Dekhte Somossa Hole Page Reload Or Refresh Koren

How Can Check JDC/JSC Results Via Mobile Sms?

Go To Your Mobile Massage option Type JCD Space [1st 3 letter of Ur board] Space [Roll Numubr] Space [Year] & send to 16222 Number

All Bangladeshi Education Board Keyword Here:

DHA   Dhaka Education Board
COM  Comilla Education Board
RAJ  Rajshahi Education Board
JES  Jessore Education Board
CHI   Chittagong Education Board
BAR  Barisal Education Board
SYL  Sylhet Education Board
MAD Madrasah Education Board
DIN  Dinajpur Education Board

Technology gimmicks! Came lifi, Learn what Li Fi And how does it work?

Eagerness in WI-FI technology Before the end of Another technology came in its place LI-FI , Know what Is Li-Fi Details 

How launched in the Li-Fi 

Ultra parallel visible light communication Project Began working with the University of Edinburgh (UK) Oxford, like Cambridge Some University professors, They had noticed that the LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulb Lights Converts signals The data can be transferred.
They are using the visible light spectrum Be able to transfer data to the Internet end of October at 2013, 
The technology, developed countries are going to be launched very soon. China's government to implement the technology Project Plan has been reported to have, 

Fig: এডিনবার্গ ইউনিভার্সিটির পদার্থ বিজ্ঞানী প্রফেসর হারাল্ড হাস।

University of Edinburgh Prof. Harald Haas This discovery gave her the name of love LI-FI
LI-FI from the "Light Fidelity"
There's also a beautiful name, It is 'Visual Light Communication' Briefly VLC ,
Name of the Wi Fi (Wireless Fidelity) to the Word, Many of the Wireless Local Area Network Short name of the WLAN

Let's see why Li-Fi technology Forward to WiFi

  • It is cheap and easily accessible than in WI-FI. 
  • It works by using visible light signals that the physical damage is unlikely.
  • 10,000 times greater than the bandwidth of the radio frequency bandwidth 
  • Super-fast broadband Internet connection faster than 250 times. 
  • LI-Fi will be spread over a large area from the Wi-Fi  
  • Data transmission speed of 10 Gigabit / sec or 500 MB /sec 
  • WI-FI technology depending on the radio waves, LI-FI technology, light waves are dependent 
  • Greater amount of data transfer can be 
  • LI-FI, WI-FI be more secure , Looking specifically to protect data from hackers
The Li-FI works through some of the pictures show the 

 Li-FI যেভাবে কাজ করে।

LI-FI data transmission 
Li-FI works 
LI-FI vs WI-FI/WIMAX / X - Wireless Systems

Banglalink Customers Take 10 MB of Free Internet

Closed in December banglalink connection Just getting started 1000MB free internet data! After Grameenphone This free Internet offer banglalink, If you are close Banglalink Sim You can enjoy Banglalink 1000 MB of free internet.

Get Free Offers Do you
► After 12 October of 2013 All unused pre - paid and call and Control (Without E - vouchers, PCO, Play And Ahoban) Connection This offer is applicable

► Get more Any Banglalink number of half paisa / sec And other operators number 10 paisa / 10 second to 24 hours of call rates

► This offer is applicable for you to know Banglalink connection by Typing the Mobile Number Send Free SMS to the Number 4343
► 1000MB Free Data's valid for 3 days

►This offer will run until 31 December 2013

► For details you can call at 121

Banglalink Sim who has close They do not miss this free Internet offer.

If your Android phone is locked, How to unlock?

Many people now Android phones are used, So today in this post The goal is to solve the problem , Android phone users must know Android phones have a system for keeping the screen lock , It is called pattern lock

Most users are using the pattern lock, Often seen Little mistakes Pattern lock on the phone does not want to open Or Using the wrong pattern your favorite phone Have become permanently locked,

You do not need to be worried There are solutions for you

Suitable for re-use your phone to The tasks to be

  • First switch off your phone
  • Now Your Phone Power key+Volume Key+Home Menu Key=3 Key Press Same Time 
  • Will turn your phone into some time And the screen has 5 options 
  • From these options Wap Data/Factory Reset Option click 
  • If Next screen want Yes / No Click the Yes button 
  •  The phone will restart And you can use the phone as before

1. After the above work All files in your phone's memory And Contact numbers will be automatically deleted 
2. phone's touch screen will not work To do this, With Volume Key Can Up Down 

How can earn Money from youtube by Upload video? (Exclusive Tutorial)

YouTube is the world's most Watching video on a website! Never heard of YouTube Such people can not be found, You Tube was started in the 23 April 2005 few billion video owner Now Youtube.
But did you know you can earn Money from Youtube? In today's post I'll show you How can earn money from youtube !

Which will need: 

  • Pc Sceen Recoder Software Or Video Camera
  • Make A Youtube Account
  • Google Adsense Account (Must be age 18)
  • Pc Or Smartphone 
  • Daily Video Uploaded 

We learn Now that step by step 

YouTube Account Made Or Sign In
  • First open Youtube Account If you already have a Account Please logon to This
  • Use Keyword to find your Channel
  • select the correct type for your account (For example: If you work in Movie Give the Director Account) 
  • Username Keep the small, the visitors will remember.

The method for Video Upload

After entering account See above are written UPLOAD , Click Upload
Image:Get Tons of Subscribers on YouTube Step 2 Version 2.jpg

Remember the basics:

  • Video Quality Will be better (Video cannot be any worse)
  • Video is not Much bigger 
  • Overall, the video must be uploaded to the account type
  • Best video editing software will be

Visitor will increase

Image:Earn Money on Youtube Step 3.jpg

It is a very important issue
  • Make some friends on YouTube
  • Ask the audience to comment
  • You Reply to comment

Become Youtube Partner 

Image:Earn Money on Youtube Step 4.jpg
Yes, it's a very important issue, Youtube partner would be additional Facility Role which will increase your income ! 
Image:Earn Money on Youtube Step 5.jpg
First Google AdSense speak, Google AdSense allows you to get to be 18 years or more of age
Do not say today about Google Adsense setup, This Type Post Google search to find many good posts

To Be Continued

How Can Get $120 Free Credit For Skype Premium ?

For Skype Group Video Calling Get promotion Offer $120 Credit Free Premium! See the image below and get Free Skype
First Go To This Link For Skype Free Credit,

Enter your Skype email Id Or Hotmail Id here And Mark  Then click the send button

Please check your email account after clicking the send, Open the e-mail sent from Skype (If you can't find inbox Check the spam folder )
You've got to see the voucher code !
Now your voucher code Will Redeem , To Redeem Links on your email Or click on This Link Enter your Skype UserName and password, The page will look like below, 
Please mark here and enter your voucher Then Redeem Voucher Or Prepaid card Click the button
Your Code Was Accepted , You Got $120 Or 71.88 Euro 
After 15 minutes you will receive the following benefits for 1 year;

Dear Friend Enjoy 

Hybrids Could Reduce The Tab Price

In 2014 PC and tabs can be used as both Similar Two In One Or Hybrid This would reduce the price of the product, And Becoming More Popular expect Chip makers Company Intel officials, 
Intel has: Next year price of hybrid products Will be reduced! 
This facilitates both the products tab and laptop Will attract even more users,
A hearing at the Press Trust of India
Intel marketing chief Sandeep Arora said ,

This year We are Developed several industry organizations 2 in 1 products Come forward to create Saw, 
The creation of hybrid products in the coming years will be more, 
Sandeep Arora further said
Easily portable and Same desktop computer Performance due to People would be drawn to hybrids,
This kind of product price will fall further next year, Tab and PC at both the advantages of hybrids In PRice 40 Thousand Taka Available He told! 

HP 1000-1405 Tu model Laptop Now On The Market

The Intel dual-core processors on the market 1000-1405 Tu models HP laptop .

 The Hp laptop has 2 GB DDR 3 RAM , 500 GB hard drive facility. 14 inch HD display (
 The HP 1000-1405 Tu  Model laptop has DVD Writer, WiFi, BluTooth, Internal Speaker, Iland keyboard, With On Off button touchpad, 3 USB ports, an HDMI port, A VGA port and a HD webcam. Bangladesh market HP 1000-1405 TU model laptop Marketing is Smart Technologies,

 This laptop price of 31,000 Taka , 
Laptop will buy a year warranty By The company marketers  Smart Technologies

Apple says allegations of price fixing are not true

Apple Iphone,iPad

Justice argues that a company with ITunes Apple, publisher of books in the iBookstore e-books at prices set by the department responded by preparing a lawsuit is simply not true.Costs for the moment the model agency, where a series of books for publishers, vendors, transfer of control from the trunk.
Apple, denies the allegations

At Apple has already said in a statement,The charges of conspiracy against the Ministry of Justice, Apple's simply not true innovation and competition in 2010 to promote the launch iBookstore, Amazon break the monopoly of the sector to cope with treatment.
Since customers are more interactive and interesting e-books, which have benefited from the App Store, as developers, we have defined values. Publishers set the price on the iBookstore.
Answers book publishersAnswer the last five publishers Penguin.
Document errors and omissions, we look forward to attach to the court a number of blankets.
Wednesday, publisher Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster has agreed to settle with the DOJ. If the judge agrees, and three traders are free to set their own prices.
In addition, another five years does not share the information about competitors and the need for antitrust compliance programs for implementation, said the Ministry of Justice.
In addition to penguins, another editor is on his way. Macmillan chief said on Wednesday that the adoption of new pricing models, regardless of any outside influence on the decision.

Questions before deciding, Android or iPhone?

Android, iPhone,The first smartphone are you afraid of?
If you play with the latest mobile phones and support your local store, you feel like a deer in headlights?
So, you break something, you press one of the icons on the small screen?

In this case, think twice, Android. Personally, I'm crazy about all the parameters and the ability to customize your phone Android, but the maze of menus and submenus can be for beginners, or who are disappointed with the enormous difficulties the phone interface.

IPhone, on the other hand, has a clear and simple user interface that is ideal for entry-level smartphone, removing extra "menu" and "Previous" buttons to navigate, the interface is a standard for Android, a chore to do.

2 For want of physical keyboard QWERTY?

Do not use long messages on the virtual keyboard can be a real pain if you have clumsy fingers, and even those cunning fingers prefer to feel the real key to the slide and touch screen.

Thus, if a physical QWERTY keyboard is a must, go with Android. A variety of makes and models of mobile phones with the Android keyboard large quantities are available. In some cases, sliding the keyboard, touch screen (see above), while others are on the front of the phone, directly below the screen.

Connecting Apple, however, shows no signs of making an iPhone with a physical keyboard, and if you can use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, for example, iPhone 4S, it should also pack a keyboard accessories anywhere.

3, do not rely on Gmail and Google Calendar?
One of the beauties of Android is that the process of setting up a piece of cake for Google users in the four, however.
If you have an account with Google, you can use the new Android phone out the window, turned out to enter your user ID and password, Google, and soon! All your messages Gmail, mailboxes, contacts and calendars, Google automatically runs the device. This is a beautiful thing.

Google users, which are designed for the iPhone will not have too much time setting Gmail, calendar, contacts, deal with Google is another story though. The secondary service called Google Sync supports all of your contacts with Google iPhone to sync contacts, but the realization of a long, a little "boring.

4 Use the Mac?

They are the same as Gmail and Google Calendar users a smooth transition to your phone Android, Mac users will slide right on the iPhone, especially if you keep your contacts in your address book and Cesky for Mac OS X calendar.

ITunes desktop software syncs all your contacts from your contact list to quickly and Cesky calendar for the new iPhone (with all applications and music, of course), while Apple, the new icloud service (in conjunction with IOS 5, the latest version of the iPhone software) to coordinate all of the desktop and iPhone contacts and events, wireless, cables are not required.

5 Or do you not want to play flash videos?

Always visit the website, on a smartphone, but a white label on the page "Adobe Flash plug-in need," says he sees?

This is because some of the most prestigious tradition of the Internet depends on a technology called Flash to view video and graphics and fancy menus without a flash, they do not work correctly.

Latest Android phones support Flash content that almost every site on the net to make it more accurate and complete meaning.

This is not the case with the iPhone, though. In fact, Apple openly critical of Flash technology and indeed said that as the iPhone and IPad, that the Flash-free zones.

Please offer this, however, that the more versions of the flash sites suitable alternatives for non-smartphones, such as the development of Flash for the iPhone, which could introduce support for Flash mobile controversial.

6 Are you a fan application?

If you're crazy "Angry Birds", or, as the idea of ​​sharing your pictures with filters with imagination "Instagram", you can rely on the iPhone.

Why not? In fact, while Android is one of the most prominent communities throughout the application of, App Store by Apple is the undisputed king of mobile applications. His shelves 500,000 counting applications (compared to 350,000 or so, very good market for Google Android) and fill out the most interesting and exciting applications and are generally built on the first iPhone. Angry Birds, for example, does not land on Android, which is almost a year after its debut on the iPhone and Android users had to wait almost half a year for his version of the popular Instagram.

Everyone talks about whether to go with Android or iPhone? Let me know!

Why Best Dell tablet pc?

Android tablet pc
Provide a new way to share the Tablets to stay connected, be productive and have all the fun with touch-screen display facilities. Dell tablet comes in different sizes, mini 7 and 12 "tablet PC convertible, which is great for both home and professional use" in the hands of tablet 10 "for entertainment and connectivity you have Google or Android ™ is a need to change the Windows ® tablet with horse power and flexibility, our should check Dell's you choice of tablets.

tablet pc prices

Inspiron duo tablets
The innovative design view of a pill that combines the power of entertainment to a Windows laptop. Flash - match, 10 "high definition display software to run the apps, read books, watch movies and play games on a PC.

amazon dell tablet pc

St Latitude Tablet PC
St. Latitude ™ function of Windows 7-capable force in the body of a slate of kosketusnäyttö combines the mobility of a tabletti Kello The Security hallittavuutta harmony you expect from the Dell Latitude would.

 Dell tablet pc reviewsTablet PC Latitude XT3
Without sacrificing enterprise-class performance of a laptop computer and a screen multi-touch tablet provides mobility and flexibility. Office or a large, 13.3 "HD auto-bright display, backlit keyboard options with powerful Intel ® Core ™ processor to be productive in the field.

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