Bangladesh is trying to Capture Market Classified Ads Site

Competition with the Bangladesh is trying to Capture Market Classified Ads Site , Already TV ads, newspaper ads, the method chosen by including, Even Classified Ads Site  the field of online advertising with Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Facebook and other places Not Backward ,

But the online market place The main danger now is How much to continue! Other Classified Ads site Already advertising power Bangladeshi market has been able to occupy , Bikroy Com have a very weak position in the business, In Bangladesh of paypal support lack Online markets are the future seem to so bad, ICT experts have the same concerns , For the development of ICT sector In Bangladesh It was important to have support paypal , Not just for Online Market Place Bangladeshi freelancers have become important to support paypal, I hope to eliminating all odds Bangladeshi ICT sector and Online Market Place Go to far forward ,