How to create and use an email account? Hosting C/Panel Tutorial Part 1

I'll discuss the new hosting users, Through a series of tutorial we will discuss the details of hosting Control Panel, Today will show you how to create email accounts And how to use e-mail accounts, As discussed on the hosting Control Panel Since discuss the Control Panel , Let have a look about the hosting Control Panel


What is Control Panel? 

Have complete control over the website hosting Cpanel, Website development originals tool is CPanel 
Let's see what else have Cpanel

  • 1. Preferences 
  • 2.Mail 
  • 3.Files 
  • 4.Logs
  • 5.Security 
  • 6.Domain 
  • 7.Database
  • 8. Software/Service 
  • 9.Advanced 
Basically,Cpanel sorted with above 9 tools , Now we will look at what is the email Part

Click Here To see Cpanel Demo User- x3demob  / Pass x3demob 

Have email parts: 

  • Email Accounts 
  • Webmail 
  • Boxtrapper 
  • SpamAssassin 
  • Forwarders 
  • Auto Responders 
  • Default Address 
  • Mailing Lists 
  • Account Level Filtering 
  • User Level Filtering 
  • Email Delivery Route 
  • Import Addresses/Forwarders 
  • Email Autentication 
  • MX Entry 

Create an email account: 

To create an email account, please log in to your c panel Mail from part "Email Account" icon to click It And select a domain , 
Then order of preference Create a password How much place want to keep the email Would write, 

Then click the create button, Your email account has been created 

Check out the Video Tutorial and learn better in  Cpanels 

Now you can easily access your email account. 
Click on the Cpanel webmail icon Or Go To yourdomain/webmail  

Enter email ID and password You created  , Enter your full email ID must be Example:  
Now that page you will find three options here: 
  • Horde 
  • RoundCube 
  • SquirrelMail 
You can send or receive email using any One Option, 
If you want to use the Horde click on this icon "Read Mail Using Horde" 
That it will be pages the image below. 
Now you can just click on the "Log In" icon to enter your e-mail account, Thus you can use your new e-mail account. 

So far today, Later C - Panel Tutorial Part II will come up with , everyone stayed well 

Happy New Year 2014